Foundation of Computing with Words and via Fuzzy logic with Application in Medical Disease Diagnosis

Workshop Chair: Ashok Deshpande

Content Outline

Supervised Learning in a Fuzzy Environment (Classical and Fuzzy Relational Calculus and Fuzzy logic)

Introduction to Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy Operations, (Cardinality, operations and properties of crisp), fuzzy relations, fuzzy Cartesian product and composition (Crisp and fuzzy tolerance and equivalence relations, transitive closure), and Home Assignment for the defined Groups

Fuzzy similarity measures, cosine amplitude method)

A brief review of Fuzzy inference system

Theory of Fuzzy logic and Applications

Fuzzy logic concepts (continued), Brief outline of Dempster Shafer Theory of Evidence

Application of FST

  1. Fuzzy modelling in Medical diagnosis using compositional rule of inference) with Video 3, Case Study on Estimation of Health Effects due to Air Pollution
  2. Fuzzy relational calculus in Urology
  3. Fuzzy logic based infusion pump for intravenous Anaesthesia for Drug Delivery

The workshop is provisionally accepted (pending registration of participants).